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Beautifully| Inspired| Women| Of| Integrity


 Is to Encourage Her, Uplift Her & Inspire Her to Be the Best Version Of HER.

A Christian Women's Group created by Mrs. Tionna Barksdale

In 2011 I experienced an influx of women coming to me asking for help.
They watched me grow into my role as a mother and wife. And they were truly inspired by my life.
How do you know that you are making an impact on someone's life?

The Fruit of my post, my content creation often gets mimicked. 
The Views, The Shares and The Website clicks to inspire. I get a lot of calls,
text messages and people always want to know what Tionna is up too!

How do you know that it is worth it?
Simple, being a trail blazer not only breaks barriers for myself but for the women coming behind me.  As the first-born child of my mother to attend high school graduate and attend college and graduate I am a first-generation trailblazer from Columbus State Community College this not only moved barriers out of the way for my family but for my daughter.
She is watching how I treat other people and I want her to make a difference in her community as well.  

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