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In 2008 We received a word from GOD that I would decorate people's houses.

I was so
overjoyed I could not keep it in. In the Christian community we call it a prophetic word. I believe it was that word that pushed me into purpose. 

In 2020
I was furloughed home as an Early childhood educator.
During the time I was home I renovated my home. I decluttered, donated, staged, painted and upgraded all of the rooms in the house I lived in. When we put the house on the market it sold in 1 day.

We received multiple offers. As a woman of
excellence, I am truly grateful to do what I love and that passion is to help people.

I believe that it was the history and a valid part of our business destiny to create an act of faith and in which our business resides on the foundation of servicing the communities around us with integrity, honesty, and intentionality.

This starts with accountability, being fully present and being intentional about are core values and helping the people we know and don't know. 

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