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Mrs. Tionna Barksdale Is the Founder, Owner and CEO of Beautifully Crafted Interiors LLC. Beautifully Crafted Interiors LLC was established on January. 30th 2020. 


With the vision of creating beautiful experiences for the people she loves, friends, family and clients. Mrs. Tionna Barksdale is a luxury decorator that comes to unlock the beauty within. She has so much joy on the inside of my heart and wants to see other people experience that same joy. When working with Tionna she lights up the darkest room and brings the love of Christ into each room she enters into. Her presence alone can bring, hope, kindness and focus. Experienced in many fields, can navigate difficult situations and flows in the fruits of the spirit. 


When you work with her; she will deliver quality customer service and wants to help people celebrate the most precious and Intimate events. From Brunch, Birthdays, Baby Showers to Weddings and Hotel surprises. She not only makes an impact in the communities she is in.


She builds up women in the city of Columbus and surrounding areas. Mrs. Tionna is well known for her trusting relationships and experience in Early Childcare Education Development. She has built a great rapport with men and women in the community and shows respect to those who are in leadership and beyond. She went from a high school diploma to a Nationally Accredited Child Development Associates in Child care development. Mrs. Tionna also graduated from Columbus State Community College with An Associates of Applied Science in early childhood education. Won best preschool classroom for the Midwest and continues to make an impact in the community as a director of a childcare center.  Mrs. Tionna is currently studying or her bachelor's in business administration and also Interior Design as well as Event Planning. Mrs. Tionna is very gifted and outgoing. She loves to bring positive energy into every environment that she enters. 

Mrs. Tionna is also a Board member for two community organizations. Empower our Youth Foundation and Action for Children Advisory Professional Council.

Mrs. Tionna is also active in both the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Pickerington Chamber of Commerce. as well as in the city of Reynoldsburg. Mrs. Tionna has worked in the event decorating industry for over six years. And renovated her first home in 2020. "When we sold the house, it sold in one day".

She has worked with Greek organization members such as Delta Sigma Theta Incorportated. Chef Jason Johnson of The Gourmet Touch Private Chef & Chef Stephen Mills of To Go for Your Soul. Mrs. Tionna Barksdale is also a member of Devoted Pros Columbus community for professional event planners and decorators. 


She value's community, partnerships and strong community engagement. She also believes that integrity is important and to have strong core values.


Mrs. Tionna has also been a wife of 14 years and mother for 15.5 years. Family is her number one priority and loves people genuinely and sincerely. 

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